Man The Brutal Part II

2011-01-07 01:14:14 by Resyggo

Since part I (i actually never thought id do a part 2) i decided to do a sequel.
this part will not have so much to do with the title as Part I did however. but neither the less Jiddu will Return and he will talk to you, i think he has something important to say..

Happy New year everybody :D

2010-12-31 12:55:56 by Resyggo

wonder what next year will bring? same shit? what do you think?

Merry Christmas Everyone

2010-12-23 21:25:47 by Resyggo

hope your holidays will be giving :)

5 years With Slayer

2010-12-21 00:21:28 by Resyggo

it is starting to feel a little akward really... but as a cheapskate as i am i have no interest in placing funds in Software.. really i dont..
so any suggestion to a good or at least better replacement forthe Guitar VSTi "Slayer" would be welcome... feels like.. freeging 5 years with slayer, trying to improve its sound just so it mayhap can produce some odd chords cleanly..

Screw all you who doesnt vote...

2010-12-20 14:28:11 by Resyggo

its really, noob attitude... real noob attitude....